(EN) SecSea 2020 @ Home, c’est parti :)

And here we go for SecSea 2020 @ Home! We cancelled the physical edition, but we kept surprises for you anyway 😀 3 very good and #technical #conferences, by highly talented people, and for free on Youtube \o/ Here is the whole #program ! #SecSea2020

(FR) First, there will be an Opening conference by Jusk, the captain of Hack In Provence, Saturday 2020-06-13… It will be in French and will present events and things we are doing in #provence. #Sea, #Sec and #Sun <3 #SecSea2020

(EN) Then, on Wednesday 2020-06-17, a very talented crpytographer, Lina, will talk about ROLLO-I, a #postquantum #cryptography algorithm and its implementation and possible #attacks on it. #SecSea2020

(EN) On Thurday 2020-06-18, Stefane will talk about #Biometric #attacks, and this will be veeery fun to learn and see 😀 #SecSea2020 The link is not ready yet,
@hackinprovence is still working on it 😉

(EN) And last but not least, Cryptax will introduce us on Friday 2020-06-19 a full #analysis of a #medical #malware on #Android, with a step by step #retroengineering and #examination of an app 🙂 #SecSea2020

[There also might be a chall for you to do… the first to solve will win… something.] #SecSea2020

Youtube channel for SecSea 2020: https://www.youtube.com/c/secsea

Enjoy the content, and share <3

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